Who better to review kids books!

If you're anything like me, you tend to grab much of what your family needs from Kmart on the run. Kids clothes, gifts and yes, books. But did you know that many of the best children's books are simply not available in many shopping centres? You have to seek them out!

Find great books for your kids

Little Critics is a fun YouTube series to help you know which books to search for online, in store (if you're lucky enough to still have a good bookstore nearby!) or at the library. Yes, I make these videos to help parents and authors...but mostly it's because it's super fun!


Support authors
Not many Australian authors are fortunate enough to have their books stocked in department stores. If you buy or borrow a book reviewed by Little Critics, you'll be helping Australian authors continue doing what they love...writing!

Unique, thoughtful and sustainable gifts
Imagine going to a kids party and giving something really unique that will be treasured night after night! Little Critics can help you seek out those special books for those special birthdays.


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