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As a playwright, I completed Playlab's 2016 Incubator program under the mentorship of Richard Jordan, resulting in a full-length play, Clan. Clan  was selected for HOTA's 2017 Playwright Season and a live play reading was staged in February 2017, directed by Hugh Parker. I've also written short plays which have been performed at Short+Sweet Festivals in Sydney, Auckland and the Gold Coast.Most recently, I presented a playreading of my full-length play Divorce Party at HOTA, Home of the Arts in November 2023, which was received promising audience feedback.

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Divorce Party

Playreading HOTA, Home of the Arts

November 2023


Four former bridesmaids throw a surprise divorce party for Lila, but she's not in the mood to celebrate. Determined to cheer Lila up, the friends try a psychic, a silent disco, a karaoke session and a fake German stripper, but Lila remains uptight and distant, especially with her oldest friend Gemma.


Then Lila drops a bombshell – she’s planning to move away. Convinced she's ruining her life, the friends’ efforts intensify –they have until the end of the night to convince her to stay. But as the cocktails go down, the secrets come out and friendships are tested to their limit. Lila must reconcile with the past before she's strong enough to face a future on her own.


This fast-paced, girls-night-out comedy/drama explores themes of lost identity and rediscovering life after marriage.


The Wrong Floor

Javeenbah Theatre Company
One Act Wonders 2021

Directed by Helen Maden, The Wrong Floor was performed by Alex O'Connell, Kate Learmonth and Priya Das as part of Javeenbah Theatre Company's One Act Wonders. Running time approximately 30 minutes.

It’s 5pm on a Friday afternoon and young lawyer Liam is keen to start his weekend, when the elevator delivers him to the wrong floor. Shortly after, Carrie and Saskia arrive, and now, they’re all stuck in the basement of Striker & Kline law firm, with little hope of escape. When a mysterious letter appears, they must unravel the truth about each other to find their way out.


2017 Playwright Season, HOTA
2016 Incubator Program, Playlab

A live play reading of Clan was held at HOTA on the Gold Coast on Saturday 25 February, 2017, as part of the 2017 Playwright Season. Directed by Hugh Parker, Clan featured Tiahni Wilton (Luca), Veronica Neave (Katia), Hugh Parker (Jai), Ben Warren (Finn), Kathryn Marquet (Sarine) and Zac Blake (WING/MACK).

About Clan
In an all-female tribe, a young woman faces the end of human existence. But when she discovers  male clan is still alive, she awakens past secrets and dangers in her attempt to reunite humankind.

Audience feedback

"Brilliant, engaging story - well written, captivating, moving, story of love and survival."

"It was amazing. Great story line and brilliant delivery."

"How appropriate this work is in today's world. So apt. Needs to be seen on stage!!"

"The depth of relationships was great and the world that was established was really strong."

"Wonderful. Thank you to everyone. Please produce this play. Loved it."

Before I Go

2016 Short+Sweet Festival Gold Coast

Directed by Claudine Anderson

Four performances of Before I Go were staged as part of the 2016 Short+Sweet Theatre Festival, held at HOTA  in August 2016. Directed by Claudine Anderson, Before I Go featured Kelly Maree Joyce as Christina and yours truly as Ashley.

About Before I Go

When a family emergency throws two estranged sisters back together, tensions run high and they must finally address the hurts of the past. But Ashley has her own agenda – one that will change both of their lives forever.

For Our Kind


During 2012 and 2013, For Our Kind was shortlisted for the Short+Sweet festivals in Auckland, Melbourne, Dubai and Sydney. It was selected for and performed in Auckland and Sydney, and won second place in its Sydney wildcard heat.

Kinloch Anstiss directed the Auckland production, featuring Matthew Cousins and Belinda Wylie. The production received highly positive reviews (see below).

Rosemary Ghazi directed Stuart Cox and Nic Verhoeven in this production. Rosemary's vision combined with the actors' skills and Nic's incredible combat talents really took this piece to a whole new level.

About For Our Kind

After a global pandemic, the last human survivors live on submarines deep in the ocean. Naval Officer Cooper Thomas is sent to ensure Madison cooperates with the ‘species survival program’.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future when humans live in underwater colonies, this beautifully nuanced script takes on the ultimate issue of human survival and some of the ethical issues which will have to be resolved to achieve it. The sensitively pitched series of incentives delivered so persuasively by Naval Officer Cooper (Matthew Cousins) are carefully crafted and timed to overcome the doubt, fear, reluctance and hysteria of one the remaining fertile female survivors ‘Madison’ (Belinda Wylie). Nice use of whale songs as an audio cue.

Raewyn Whyte

Theatreview – The New Zealand Performing Arts Review and Directory

For Our Kind tackles the major task of an epidemic on a global scale. (It) fuses a classic sci-fi plot with a tiny but bold slice-of-life script to great effect and looks at how the role of parenting and coupling changes when faced with the task of repopulating a near extinct species.

Keeping Up With NZ

Auckland, New Zealand

...sophisticated scripting and crafting of personae.


Auckland, New Zealand

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