I can come to your school or kindergarten to talk about writing and books! My author talks are fun and engaging, and always catered towards the age group.

Visits to South-East Queensland schools can be booked anytime (further afield by request).

KINDERGARTEN/PRE-PREP (ages 3-4 years)

Dragons, Unicorns and Story Magic
Do you like dragons or unicorns? What about other magical creatures? We can tell wonderful tales when we add a bit of magic. Let's explore why we love magical stories!

Duration: 30-45 minutes

PREP - YEAR 1 (ages 5-7 years)

The Magic of Stories
Let's talk about stories! Why do we love them? What makes a great character? How can we use our imaginations to create amazing stories?

Duration: 30-45 minutes

YEAR 2 - YEAR 3 (ages 7-9 years)

How to Make Your Stories Awesome
Why are some stories so unforgettable? Why do we care so much about the characters and what they want? Using well-known examples, let's talk about how stories are crafted so you can write your own awesome stories.

Duration: 45 minutes

YEAR 4 - YEAR 5 (ages 9-11 years)

How Picture Books are Made
It might seem easy to write a picture book and draw some pictures...but it's actually quite tricky! So, how do the author, illustrator, editor and others work together to create the perfect balance of story and pictures? Let's talk through the process! This is a great preparation for a 'create your own book' assignment.

Duration: 45 minutes

Would you like me to come to your school or kindy? Enquire here!